Problem Solving

Hello to all of you followers, listeners, and readers out there and happy spring! We’ve braved our way through winter, and we’ve found ourselves on the other side with more sunlight and plenty of March Madness to keep us entertained. This week I want to talk about an Instagram quote I stumbled across a few years ago that really spoke to my heart. The quote said, “When you find no solution to a problem, it’s probably not a problem that you need to solve, but rather a truth to be accepted.” My whole life I’ve always wanted to be a problem solver. This remained true in all aspects of my life, including relationships I’ve had with friends, family, or even professionally. I just always wanted to be the person solving the issues and conflicts that life threw my way. Truth be told, I didn’t want to be a complainer. If I saw or heard a problem, BOOM! There I was, right in the middle of it trying to scheme and problem solve. But guys, after years of battles, I’ve learned and now I know better. Sometimes, you’ve got to let go and just let things happen. Of course, I recognize that this decision isn’t easy, right? How do we decide when to let go and trust the universe against being a control freak and trying to determine every outcome that we can?
Problems are complex and unique to each and every individual, but I’ve got a way for you to start weeding out a problem or accepting a hard-earned truth. Simply put, if you are fighting the same problems year in and year out, SOMETHING IS WRONG. Perhaps these problems aren’t problems that you can solve but instead a truth that you need to accept. Yes, sometimes we do have to fight in life, but for the right things. It can’t take away your energy, faith, and your spirit because you’ll be left a changed person. At what cost will you attempt to solve all of these battles in your life? I can tell you right now that if you’ve been fighting them for extending periods of time, they are not worth selling your soul for and that’s just what you’re doing if you are investing all of your energy, faith, and spirit. Growth in life should flow naturally, like a river because we are one with nature. Understand that, even though we have our own ambitions in life, the universe might have another plan or dream for us. Start thinking about what the higher forces of this universe have planned for you. The goal of doing so should be for you to try aligning your dreams with the universe’s version of those dreams. Can you find the right balance so that your life really does begin to flow naturally, like a river? To do so, you’ll need the full arsenal of your spirit, not the beaten down version of yourself left behind from the battles you weren’t meant to fight.
This week, I’m challenging you to really look into the battles that you are fighting in your life, and think about the problem solving you’ve been trying and trying to do. Ask yourself, honestly, if this is a truth that you need to accept. Realize that you are the co-creator of this universe and the energies around you. Any challenges or problems that you’ve been stuck trying to fix after extended periods of time, make a change in your approach. Have faith that it will work itself out and ask yourself if this is something that has already served its purpose for you individually. Guys, if it has, accept the truth for what it is and recognize that it’s time to let go, don’t fight it anymore. The energy that you will save from fighting these battles can be spent on chasing dreams and finding the right balance in your life so that you may live your life in alignment with the universe, and achieve the greatness that you are destined for.
Much love, have a great week! Refuse To Lose!