Trust Your Vision

Hey everybody, welcome back for week #2 of this blog. I just wanted to start off by giving all of you a quick shout-out by saying thank you. I really appreciated all of the kind words and support from so many of you that reached out or commented after last weeks blog posts, so thank you! Hopefully, all of you have had a productive week and weekend full of positive energy, hard work, adversity, goal seeking, and dream chasing. I’ve got a great message for you this week that I hope you’ll enjoy and take to heart.

Today’s message and challenge is for all of you dreamer’s out there. All of you who are sitting on that million dollar idea, that novel, or that thought that is going to change the world (or at the very least your own world). If you are one of those people out there who spend your days and night’s knowing that there is something inside of you that you know you need to bring into this world, then this blog’s message is for you.

It’s Monday folks, but today isn’t just any Monday. No, today is the Monday that you begin to trust your vision. Trust your vision, above all else, even when the world calls you crazy. The sooner you can believe and trust in your vision, the more empowered you will be to love yourself completely, and to be unapologetically yourself in a world that does not make it easy to do so. And once you start trusting your vision, you will begin to move forward with the courage and confidence that it takes to live out your dreams. Believe me, it takes a lot. But you’ve got to grow to become the person who looks the part and can articulate your vision well enough, or who has the right language and vocabulary to make the world listen and appreciate the gifts of your vision. But when all of these pieces start to come together, that’s when the vision starts to become real. Before all else, however, you’ve got to trust in your vision. Nobody else will trust in it for you, it starts with YOU making the conscious decision to trust what you are feeling inside. Trust all of the gifts, tools, ideas, and thoughts that you have been given and have the guts and faith to bring your vision to life no matter what. I say “no matter what” because there will be adversity to be had. You will be rejected. People will question you. People you care about, and who care about you, will call you crazy or say, “Why are you thinking that way? That doesn’t make sense to me.” But if you believe and trust in your vision, all you’ve to do is look them in the eyes and ask them, “At what point in my life do you want me to start trusting my vision?” The confidence and courage that you have in your vision needs to be stronger than all of the doubts, fears, and criticisms from friends, family, and haters. Remember that. So, dreamers, don’t be afraid to bring your idea and vision into this world. Bring it forth and nurture it, but first, trust in it.