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You cannot hide from negative experiences in life. But you can control how these moments affect you and turn them into a source of energy.

In Refuse to Lose, Adell Harris offers a clear, step-by-step method for making adversity your advantage. Drawing on her own experiences with abuse and loss, as well as those of others who have overcome pain to achieve fulfillment, she shows you how to transform the impact of your past and create a future of unlimited potential through:

  1. Acknowledging hardship you’ve faced
  2. Accepting your pain
  3. Rewriting your story
  4. Modeling the right behaviors
  5. Practicing empathy and gratitude
  6. Finding cause and purpose
  7. Sharing your story

With this book, you will learn to embrace everything that happens to you and make the most of it. Pain won’t drag you down. It will raise you up.


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