Inspired Action vs. Required Action

Hey everybody, Adell Harris here and I’m back again to feed your eyes, ears, and soul with the fuel you’ll need to feed that fire burning within you to light up the dreams you wish to bring to life. I’m here to help you turn those fuzzy black and white dreams of yours into a high quality, fully colored, HD version of themselves. Yes, that’s right, I’m here to help you bring those dreams to reality. Today I’m going to discuss what it takes to get there because, in order to make our dreams a reality, a form of action that we must take is required to get started. So today we’re going to talk about two very different kinds of action, and as I talk about each I want you to think about which form of action you are living today. Ready, set, GO!
Inspired action versus required action, both forms of action, but so very different. A relative example of the difference between the two is this: a passionate barista working at a Starbucks who is putting in 40-50 hour work weeks will be our required action example. Working at Starbucks and making the already huge company even more money wasn’t and isn’t what sets this barista’s soul on fire. But let’s say working with coffee is, and that’s why she’s a barista at Starbucks. Let’s say she’s extremely passionate about working with coffee- so let’s switch to our inspired action. She dreams of starting a small business, having her own little spot downtown where she gets to pick what coffee’s to make. Every choice and decision is her’s to make, including all the success of the business. She can decorate the place however she feels is warm and comfortable for her customers, not how corporate wants it. This is our barista living her dream through inspired action. Can you spot the difference?
The birth of inspiration for all of us starts very early in life as we watch others and the world around us. We grow up watching siblings do something that makes us want to do something as well. Eventually, we walk and talk because that’s what we see, and man, we can’t wait to do that and show off to the world how well we can walk. This is a basic small-scale example, but the implications are huge. Entertainment is another important place where inspiration is born. From a young age, we’ll watch or read about a hero emerging in a movie or in a book from out of nowhere, and that’s it, we’re instantly hooked forever with doing something extraordinary in this life. We become inspired. If only chasing our dreams could be as easy and pleasing as it looks on film or on a page, right? Wake up guys, if you are living your life in line with who you truly are, then it could and should be! Perhaps all that’s needed is for you to recognize the difference between that required action, and inspired action. I know how it is, I’ve heard all before, one second you land a job and wake up 15 years later wondering what happened, where’d the time go, what about those dreams. I’ve heard it from people I meet, from friends, and from family. If only we cherished our gifts, our talents, and our passions and we used all of them together to live inspired, to decide that from today on, I’m going to live my life with inspired action. In this week’s video I talked about how I am not “hustle” or “grind” advocate. You should not need to hustle or grind your way through this work week. What I am saying is that if you decide right now that you want to live inspired, you won’t need to grind. If you are living in line with your purpose, you won’t ever need to be hustling. Recognize that you can create anything when you live inspired. Living a life with inspired action means that all those fuzzy black and white dreams you once had, have now become the colorful reality that you can live, breathe, and touch every day. What a gift inspiration is!