Hey everybody, welcome back for another week of finding some truth, seeking personal growth, and challenging yourself along the way. Last week, I talked about the importance of trusting that vision of yours so that you could bring your gift into this world. This week, the focus is on the audience and spectators of the crowd around you that’s been watching you work. This week, we’re talking about a little something called home court advantage, which just so happens to be a BIG something in sports, and in life. So tighten up those laces, because today you are going to bolster up that defense of yours while adding a little offense to your game as well.

There is a reason that, in sports, a team will win more games at home than on the road. But the secret to home court advantage isn’t much of a secret at all. The home team wins because they have a team behind them. The home team has the energy and forces of the positive energies of the crowd working for them, not against. That crowd that is screaming and cheering for the home team creates an environment that allows the home team to do incredible things. Surround yourself with people that give you permission to do incredible things. Surround yourself with those who give you permission to be extraordinary. Surround yourself with a home court advantage.

On the contrary, you need to be mindful of the people who do not give you the permission to be great. Be aware of your audience. Do you have someone in your ear saying, “Man, I don’t know” or “Girl, I’m not so sure, who do you think you are?” It’s these voices who are questioning your gifts, talent, and vision that I caution you to be aware of. If your audience isn’t applauding you, acknowledging or celebrating your gift, and picking you up when your down, you have to get away from them. You need to bolster up that defense by blocking them out and eliminating their voice from your ears. They do not give you the home court advantage that you deserve and need in this game of life. They might be playing for another team, or their agenda may be totally different from what you may have originally believed. Find the people who are on your team, who celebrate and applaud your gift, and keep them.

If you know you have something within you, and you are bringing it into this world by operating within the space that you are comfortable, please, be mindful of the voices around you. Folks, as I wrap up this week’s blog I just want to clarify that this applies to who you really are and what you are an expert at or with. As the great philosopher, Socrates once said, “Know thyself”. If you do, if you know who you are and what you are good at, assure yourself of some home court advantage. If you are doing the little things right as you passionately chase your dreams, like paying attention to all of the details, practicing on mastering your craft, and you are intentional about your learning as you align your ability to connect your gift with this world so that you create a ripple effect that changes the world- then find those people who support and applaud you. This world has over 7 billion people out there and somewhere out there, are people who genuinely want to see you win. And somewhere out there are people who want to see you lose because they want someone else to win. My challenge for you this week is to pay attention, to be aware of and mindful of finding the people who celebrate your gifts and talents.

I love and celebrate your gifts, passions, the things that make you unique.I want you to go out into this world and trust your thoughts, vision, and ability to execute. Don’t be afraid to fail. Refuse to lose!