Dear Adell,

I am writing this message to you while in need of some advice. To make a very long story short, my problem seems to be my inability to get the most out of my time. The days, weeks, and months come and go and I seem to be drifting further away from my dreams instead of sailing closer. Unfortunately, this has been the cycle for me these past few years and I can’t seem to break it. What makes it more frustrating for me is the fact that I know it’s an issue and I’m not doing anything about it. Instead of getting more out of my days and weeks, I’m constantly working, hanging out with my friends, or helping others in need. The helping others and being social with friends is what makes things really hard for me to chase dreams I have. When I’m not stuck at work, I want the pleasure of hanging out with my friends. Sometimes I can’t even do that because I check-in on my grandma a lot who is widowed and alone, or I’m getting calls from friends or family who need a hand and they know mine is always extended for them. That’s pretty much my current dilemma, fighting for time to chase my dreams while still being the person everyone else needs me to be. Thanks for listening Adell, and God bless you.