Dear Adell,

I’m having trouble with something personally that you haven’t really talked about, so I hope this is an area that you’ll cover. But I’ve always struggled with my diet, or lack there of. I don’t necessarily need eating advice, because I know what foods I should be eating and what foods I should stop eating, but I just can’t seem to get over the hump of making the changes I need to make. I’m addicted to these foods, and they often make me feel good while eating them. However, soon after the guilt sets in and I’m feeling sorry for myself. It’s a legitimate addiction that I’ve been trying to beat for awhile now (a few years). Any ideas on how I can overcome my addiction to sugary foods and meats? I just don’t want it to be too late by the time I actually take this problem seriously when a health risk is already here.
I wanted to be one step ahead but I’m struggling. Thanks for listening Adell.