Dear Adell,
We are put on this earth to fulfill a purpose God has placed on our life – we all know that, thats the easy part. But the biggest part about purpose that I seem to constantly find myself asking is WHAT IS MY PURPOSE??? Being in an industry for so long has become part of who I am, but at what “cost.” When you have been in an environment for so long that has so many streets – you find yourself along the path of where to go, which direction do you take in hopes it will lead you to be fulfilled. I am wondering if this is where I truly am supposed to be or if this is just part of my journey to the end result..which I have no idea what it is!! However, I also wonder if the working conditions/environment I am currently in are making me second guess this industry or if it is just a “speed bump” and not so much the industry. I currently hold a position in a work environment that is just stressful and dysfunctional. I feel drained and unexcited. I have always said I wanted a challenge but at what cost does the challenge come? My energy (mentally and physically)? The location? Big time “opportunity” but I just don’t love it. My respect/dignity? My happiness? At twenty something I wonder if having a change of heart reveals new career path??

You left a career that ultimately paved your way to where you are now – how did you know to step away from one area (in which you have had a huge impact on those you have coached) to fulfill something different? Can you define what purpose means to you and describe how you knew what your sole calling was on this earth?

Also, what advice can you offer for me as far as defining my OWN purpose and how I can continue to move forward and grow?

Thank you for your advice!!