Dear Adell,

I’m looking for some much-needed advice or an opinion on some family drama that I’m in the middle of. My first question is, how should you deal with an immediate family member who just isn’t good for you and the life you are trying to live? To make a very long story short, my father is a really difficult person to deal with, and everybody knows it but just passes it off and lets it go because it’s just “Dad being Dad.” It’s almost as if everyone is so accustomed to his behavior that it’s just accepted now, but for me, it still just doesn’t sit right or feel right and I’m truly having a hard time accepting that. Lately, I have made the decision to cut him off completely, but I can’t help but feel guilty because it is my Dad after all. It’s just that it finally hit a point that I couldn’t do it anymore, and I’d rather protect my own peace. Should I bury the hatchet and just accept my father for the man he is, or should I honor the decision I’ve made and stay away from him? I really feel like it’s a lose-lose situation because if he is in my life, it isn’t good for me. But I can’t help but feel some guilt while cutting him off. Anyway, what are your thoughts regarding my relationship with my father, am I doing the right thing?