Dear Adell,

Thanks so much for giving us followers a chance to reach out to you with the hope of hearing some advice back about a problem or a question. I hope relationship advice is okay to submit because I find myself in need of some help. My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years. I finished school last year and have been working as a nurse since graduating. My boyfriend was in the police academy and has just landed his first job as a police officer. The problem here is our schedules don’t seem to be very friendly towards each other. Often times, when I come home after a 12-hour shift, he’ll just be leaving for work. Our relationship is finally where we wanted it to be, financially. But we are spending very minimal time together each week and I’m afraid in the long run, it could be our reckoning. The little time we do get to spend together, we’re often exhausted. We used to have so much fun going out and traveling places and living life. Am I being dramatic and unappreciative or do you think this can be trouble? Thanks for reading Adell, and by the way, I love your videos and blog- they’re always packed with powerful messages. You rock!